There is increasing evidence that the early years of life are a critical period in which the foundations for competence and coping skills that affect long-term learning, behaviour and health are established. The research demonstrates that development from the prenatal period to age six is rapid and dramatic and shapes long-term outcomes (Mustard and McCain, 1999).

At Bambini of Lilyfield, our motto is ‘Inspiring Young Minds’ Children and Educators take part in a holistic Early Years Learning Framework curriculum for Australia which includes learning through play, encompassing areas of Numeracy, Literacy, The Arts, Science and Nature and Language and Social Skills. Our unique, enquiry-based approach embraces the many languages of childhood and encourages children to become enthusiastic participants and communicators, actively contributing to their own learning.

Our program recognises children to be confident and capable learners who are able to direct their own learning with adult scaffolding and co-learning with and alongside them.  Intentional Teaching experiences are built and planned around the children’s interests and experiences, always with the aim of extending their interest to increase their understanding and learning. Our program balances structure and free choice as well as quiet times. Children’s natural curiosity is nurtured and stimulated in an environment that owes much to the Reggio Emilia approach to learning. Within this approach, children have the opportunity to explore and examine a topic or interest area over a period of time. Children work with peers and educators to engage their minds, facilitate co-operative learning and provide interest and stimulus.


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