Centre Philosophy

The foundation of our philosophy at Bambini of Lilyfield is to ‘Inspire young minds’ by providing an innovative learning environment that is academically excellent, developmentally responsive & socially equitable.

We achieve this by providing a nurturing, supportive and loving environment, by following the Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF), Reggio Approach to learning and consistent responsiveness to children’s play and Intentional Teaching.

Learning through Play is valued as meaningful learning through a continuously evolving program. We value being part of our Community and Incorporating Diversity, especially Indigenous Australia. The educators at Bambini of Lilyfield facilitate a safe environment where children, educators and others can grow.

Children, educators and families are committed to the motto ‘reduce, re-cycle, re-use’ demonstrating a commitment to look after the environment. Our Sustainability officer leads our journey of incorporating and embedding Sustainability practices in all areas of our program. ‘Garden to Plate’ experiences further instil the love of nature and looking after our natural resources.

Diversity enriches our environment, and our program continually evolves to include children, families, community and educators from all abilities, age and cultures. We take pride in incorporating songs, rhymes, stories, food and national attire from ‘Cultures around the World’ and in particular the cultures of children and employees at the centre.

The team at Bambini of Lilyfield prides itself on building ‘Relationships’ with children, families, community, colleagues and other professionals of the Early Childhood Sector. Educators have a warm, nurturing and meaningful relationship with all children and families in the centre.

At Bambini of Lilyfield, we understand that the care and development of children in our care is a significant fiduciary role of support to parents, their families, and the community.


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