Tesorini Room

Tesorini means ‘Treasures’ in Italian.

Our Tesorini Room offers a stimulating and safe environment for our busy toddlers. The busy life of a toddler sees your child becoming more independent and increasingly interested in the world around them. Not only can they walk but they are now running, jumping and throwing balls. Your toddler will enjoy playing with blocks and will begin to build towers, they will enjoy drawing and painting and start to develop self-help skills such as begin to dress and undress themselves, eat themselves and also start to use tongs for serving food and may start to use the toilet if they are starting toilet training. Children in this room are starting to use a lot of words and developing verbal communication. We support the child’s primary language at home and believe that it is important that children learn to speak in it.

At Bambini of Lilyfield all meals, nappies, sheets and hats are provided.


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